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Welcome to
All Faiths Seminary International

Cultivating Excellence Through
Interfaith Minister Training

Ordination Ceremony

All Faiths Seminary International is dedicated to One Truth.
~ accepting and honoring all paths ~  

Who We Are


     All Faiths Seminary International (AFSI), a non-profit 501 (c) 3, is a religious organization, with our ordaining body New Light Temple, which cultivates excellence through Interfaith Minister Training and Religious Services. AFSI accepts and honors all religious paths, and trains our students to attune to the highest goal of conscious living.  Our students develop a background and experience in the practical aspects of ministry; including, marriage ceremonies, funeral serviced, naming ceremonies, the preparation of sermons and impromptu talks, pastoral and spiritual counseling and all other forms of training as may be appropriate. As a licensed interfaith minister, he/she can go out into the world creating interfaith interactions enriching awareness of Spirit in our world. 

              Discover Your Faith - Help Unite the World!

Interfaith Programs We Offer:

  • 1 - Year Comparative Studies


  • 1 - Year Comparative with A Course in Miracles or Judaic Studies 

  • 2 - Year Master of Divinity Program w/ Commonwealth Open University (COU) Accreditation


  • 2 - Year Master of Divinity with A Course in Miracles or Judiasm w/Commonwealth Open University (COU) Accreditation


  • 2 - Year Doctor of Divinity w/Commonwealth Open University (COU) Accreditation

  • 10-month Dual NGH Hypnosis and NFNLP Neuro-linguistic Programming  Basic Level Certifications, called:                                                               THE ART OF SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS 


All Are Welcome!

All Faiths Seminary International Logo
Our Mission and Vision: Creating Peace through Interfaith

Never Instead Of, Always In Addition To

~ Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman

People Studing

I Believe That There Is An 11th Commandment,
Thou Must Have Purpose!

~ Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman

New Light Temple Banner

New Light Temple, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 
is AFSI's ordaining body


 Founded by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, Ph.D.

New Light Temple is a sacred space dedicated to One Truth accepting and honoring many paths. Our purpose is to provide a sacred space for people of all faiths, traditions, and ages. We celebrate together, in the richness of spiritual diversity and Oneness including; religious, inter-religious, cultural, traditional, rituals, and all practices fostering understanding, peace, love and unity.

Graduation and Ordination

What Our Students Say About Us

Dear Rabbi Stewart Paris,

      I am writing this gratitude letter to you on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. It says here in Wikipedia that the biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah (יוֹם תְּרוּעָה‎) which literally means “day of shouting or blasting”. I was ordained by The New Seminary in 2009, and recipient of a Masters’ in Divinity from All Faiths Seminary International 2021.

   I am hereby desiring to “shout and blast forth “to you, Rabbi Paris, words of gratitude for this past year at AFSI. Forever grateful am I to our Rev Dr. Jon Mundy who led me to Rev. Kathleen Regan who listened to “my story” and encouraged me to enroll in my Masters’ studies at AFSI. Grateful to Rev. Kathleen am I for having given me Dr. Anita Archer as mentor, indeed a teacher of teachers, with whom 

  I had wondrous opportunity to grow so very much in this septuagenarian vintage. From last September’s class when I first heard you, Rabbi Paris, lecture to us on the Jewish High Holidays, I knew that God/Universe had brought me to my Divine Right Place. Your moving charismatic stories of your long time friendship with our founder, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman and your brilliant heart felt knowledge and delivery of Judaic teachings and practice allowed me to know, from day one, last September, that I had been given the gift of a lifetime.

In gratitude.     ~ Rev. Natalia deRezendes

We Are All Divinely Connected

     There are few things I enjoy as much as talking about God and all the different ways of experiencing the Divine. In fact, the question I love to ask is, "Tell me  how you experience Divine connection?" It has sparked many amazing, heartfelt conversations, and several have shared quiet tears of joy 

     I have had the pleasure of asking this question of people from many different faiths, and interestingly enough, the answers are often similar. The themes are Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Family, and then ... silence as they move into an ephemeral connection that is beyond words.

     This focus on what divinely connects us, what is within us, and yet beyond us is why I love All Faiths Seminary International. We get to explore all the World's Faith traditions in the best possible light. We are all truly divinely connected and divinely blessed, and AFSI makes a point of encouraging every student to deeply explore their personal connection with the Divine - and go deeper.

~ Rev. Dr. Bud James

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