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     COU is organizational member of the United States Distance Learning Association. The USDLA mission is to support the development and application of distance learning, education and training by uniting learners around the world. Whether it is distance learning via satellite, videoconferencing, online or other means of distribution, USDLA keeps informed about technology development, design and application. USDLA is the premier distance learning association around the world.

     Commonwealth Open University is an international institution registered and established in the British Virgin Islands (U.K.), which has many students all over the world.


     Accreditation and recognition is an extremely complex issue, given that there are hundreds of accreditation bodies around the world, and no course is ever going to be accredited or recognized everywhere. The important thing is that you choose education that is going to be meaningful for what you need. The best indicators of our credibility are the quality of our staff and the testimonials from our students. COU is accredited by the accrediting commission of Wiener School for Advanced Studies on Global Education and Distance Learning.


     Accreditation is an assurance and a guarantee that the learning offered is of uniform and sound quality. COU has been assessed, examined, and verified by WSAS.

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