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Our Founder

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman, Ph.D.

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman, Ph.D. (Columbia University) served as the President of All Faiths Seminary International from 1999-2010. AFSI is based in New York City and offers a correspondence program Internationally. Through his teachings and ministry, the Rabbi has dedicated his life to furthering understanding and cooperation among the world’s faiths.

Dr. Rabbi Joseph Gelberman is also the founder of The New Seminary and has joyfully established All Faiths Seminary International as a school for professionals committed to nurturing the integrity of the individual and the their own spiritual path. Rabbi Gelberman also fosters respect for all paths by leading toward a deepening of one’s relationship with his/her own conception of God.


Our beloved founder, Rabbi Gelberman also founded the Modern Interfaith Movement. He is a modern Hassidic Rabbi in “the Way of Martin Buber" and for over 25 years, he served as the Rabbi of the Little Synagogue in New York City. He was President of The New Synagogue in New York City and at present, still holds that honor. 


Rabbi Gelberman was a practicing psychotherapist in New York City and is widely recognized as a modern master of the Kabbalah teachings. He is the author of a dozen books and many articles, including “Spiritual Truth,” “The Physician of the Soul,” and “The Kabbalah As I See It.” He is included in “Interfaith Heroes” and “Jesus Through Jewish Eyes,” amongst others.

Letter From Our Founder

In 1981, with the aid of Rev. Jon Mundy and clergy of various faiths, I founded the Interfaith Seminary in New York City, the first school of its kind in the world. The school's mission was unique: To train interfaith ministers and spiritual counselors to serve the needs of the world community. This is the mission of All Faiths Seminary

International. Judging from its many graduates, the Seminary is truly an international institution. The courses described here are based upon my 40 years of teaching the principles and concepts of the Seminary. These programs concentrate my knowledge and experience into training and spiritual guidance for you. Together, as modern interfaith ministers, we can bring these ideals drawn from an interfaith study approach to our work and communities and make a difference in the world around us. With God's help, we shall succeed.

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman
(Note: Our beloved Rabbi passed away Sept. 2010 at the age of 98)


All Faiths Seminary International Logo

The single leaf in the center of the photo represents the single parts in our body: 
- The  mind, heart, mouth and sex organs. 

The four leaves on each side of the single leaf represent the four parts of the human body:
In pairs- two feet, two arms, two ears and two eyes.

Where there is unity among the four single parts: 
The mind thinks in a positive way, the mouth speaks the truth, the heart is filled with love, and the sex organ is used in collaboration with spirit then the feet will take us to the right places, the arms will embrace, the ears will hear the inner voice, and the eyes will see the Glory of God made manifest in our lifetime.
Like the kundalini, the trunk rises upward and takes its strength from the major teachings of Truth, as represented by the three major religions:
Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
But, always, no matter what faith we practice or by what name we call God, God is One.

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