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All Faiths Seminary International Offers
The Following

Doctor of Divinity Program:

(a $800 COU Accreditation Fee and a $500 3-Day Retreat Intensive fee is added to the Tuition Costs. 

Most Graduation/Ordination costs on the 4th day are covered by AFSI. 

Photography costs not included)

2-Year Doctor of Divinity Program (Comp. Bask - $11,742 + a non-refundable $200 Registration Fee

2-Year Doctor of Divinity Program (ACIM Track) - $11,942 + a non-refundable $200 Registration Fee


The Doctor of Divinity program is conducted in cooperation with Commonwealth Open University (COU), an internationally educational institution. COU is accredited by the Wiener School for Advanced Studies (WSAS) ISO 9001, and is also an organizational member of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). COU awards Doctorate degrees jointly with the Seminary. We believe our Doctorate program can be accomplished with dedication and joy over a one-year period, but extensions are openly available in order to complete the dissertation.


To have reached the doctoral level, you must have:

  1.   Completed the All Faiths Seminary program or a similar program from a like-minded institution.

  2.   Completed either the Master’s program of All Faith’s Seminary or you must hold a Master’s degree in ministry.  A Master’s, in say, engineering  or mathematics would not qualify.

For More Information on the Doctor of Divinity Program Curriculum, 

Please Contact: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Regan, Dean of AFSI at:


Please Note: To Use This Feature, Pay Pal Charges a Fee)

​2-Yr Doctor of Divinity Program
$1,363.38 for 9 Months

2-Yr Doctor of Divinity Program
$682 for 18 Months

​2-Yr Doctor of Divinity Program w/ACIM
$1,390 for 9 Months

2-Yr Doctor of Divinity Program w/ACIM
$695 for 18 Months

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