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All Faiths Seminary International Offers
The Following 
Master of Divinity Programs:
(a $750 COU Accreditation Fee and a $500 3-Day Retreat Intensive fee is added to the Tuition Costs. 

Most Graduation/Ordination costs on the 4th day are covered by AFSI. 

Photography costs not included)

2-Year Basic Master of Divinity Program - $9,739 + non-refundable $200 Reg. Fee 

2-Year A Course in Miracles Program - $9,939 +  non-refundable $200 Reg. Fee

The Master of Divinity Programs are a 2-year, 48-point program. Classes will be held via the Zoom Platform for 4 hours each of the 9 months September through May for 2 years. The course may be taken by correspondence through YouTube. The Seminary’s Master’s course and the degree certificate is be certified by the Commonwealth Open University for an extra fee ($750). Completion of the course requires submission of a Master's Thesis by May 1 of the 2nd year. The thesis topic and outline must be submitted to AFSI by the end of October of the 2nd year for approval.  
Thesis Guidelines can be found at the end our your student manual. Prior to thesis submission, the course requires timely submission of all assignment papers. Separately, you will be provided the required Master’s book list, which you are expected to read. However, you are free to substitute any book of your choosing if it supports your thesis. Please inform the dean when a substitution is made. All students, at the end of the course, will be expected to attend our annual retreat during which, among other activities, they will be given an oral examination based on the year’s studies. Masters students will be required to present and discuss their thesis. Please refer to the detailed Curriculum in our student manual for more information and required dates.

For More Information on the Master of Divinity Programs Curriculum, 
Please Contact: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Regan, Dean of AFSI at:



(Please Note: To Use This Feature, Pay Pal Charges a Fee)

2-Yr Master of Divinity
for 18 Months $566

2-Yr Master of Divinity w/ACIM Studies
for 9 Months $1,154

​2-Yr Master of Divinity w/ACIM Studies
for 18 Months $577

2-Yr Master of Divinity for
9 Months $1,131

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