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Information on AFSI's Retreat, Graduation and Ordination

The following are important dates and times regarding the All Faiths Seminary Final Retreat and Graduation. If any mentor or board member plans to attend please let me know as soon as possible. As we get closer to June you will receive more detailed instructions for both the Retreat Intensive and Graduation. 

Retreat and Intensive dates:

Taking Place at Stony Point Conference Center 

Stony Point, NY 

  • Wednesday, June 26th - arrive in the morning (Class begins at 2 pm) 

  • Thursday, June 27th - all day and eve (Final Exam is 2 pm -5 pm)

  • Friday, June 28th - class all morning (Depart  2 pm after lunch) 


Meals are included with your stay at Stony Point. (Wed June 26th dinner to Friday June 28th lunch) If you have any special dietary needs please let me know as soon as possible.  If you are interested in having lunch at Stony Point on Wednesday, June 26th  let me know. (There will be a separate charge for that meal.) Filtered water is available. Please bring a thermos.


Rooms are doubles (you will have a roommate from your class) and fees are included in your tuition. All linens come with the room.  Single rooms are available at an extra charge. You are required to take a covid test before arrival and bring one test box with you to the Retreat. We need to ensure that everyone is safe.  We  appreciate your cooperation.

Saturday Graduation and Ordination: 

Makor Center for Jewish Spirituality

3 pm - 5:30 pm 

109 E 39th Street

Manhattan, NY 


Invitations will be provided for all students and guests. 

For graduation,all students and clergy will wear their clergy robes and prayer stole. Please purchase a neutral colored clergy robe. Your prayer stole will be provided to you by the Seminary at the Retreat.


For Saturday June 29th, a professional photographer, Lisa Dawn Romano, has been hired to take your individual and group photos. There is $100. graduation fee which covers the photos, payable to All Faiths Seminary International. During the ceremony only the professional photographer, Lisa Dawn, will be taking photos. She is asking that you arrive at 1 pm. Please refrain from using cameras and cell phones during the graduation. You can take all the photos you want when the ceremony is over. 

More information about your Retreat and Graduation will be sent to you in the coming months. 


Rev. Kathleen Regan

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