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You Are a Blessing!

I struggle sometimes with worry about my future or that I’ll be able to make ends meet. When I’m taken by this anxiety, it’s hard to feel secure and confident in myself, my path, in God or my purpose. I lose sight of what’s in front of me, get swallowed by these elusive thoughts and invisible notions to land in a constant state of questioning - when will it be my time? Blessings can be hard to come by. Sometimes we’re not a witness to them, they may be behind the scenes or we just don’t pay attention because our focus is somewhere else. So, I went back to my practice, to rekindle my connection to myself, to God and to gain a deeper understanding of my

circumstance in the way of blessings.

My meditation practice showed me many blessings that were given to me over a 5-day period. I received free samples. A spiritual gift was revealed to me. I was reminded of my little kitty-cats purrs of love, affection and connection. I was also shown the many insights in myself that have been bestowed upon me and the depths of healing I receive on a daily basis. I was feeling lifted in this kind of new knowledge or about my circumstance. I felt blessed and that horrible anxiety and panic softened. I remember on day 4, I wasn’t shown a bunch of “stuff” that was either given to me or received information that I was able to see in a different way; but, I was given a phrase that stopped me in my tracks. I heard, “I am a blessing.” I’ve been blessed. I am blessed. I am a blessing. I was floored by this knowledge. I was given the trifecta of favor. The bible defines spiritual blessings as a favor or gift bestowed by God. It's also any act of approving, like when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and you ask the parent for their blessing. I realized, through all the anxiety, worry, even panic and severe disconnection that -

I am seen,

I am loved, and

I Am the Blessing and So Are You!

~ Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health & Wellness Coach

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