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What is a Spiritual Calling?

Your Spiritual Calling is that deep internal pull or pang that moves you in the direction of wholeness, whether you’re conscious of it or not. It’s that feeling of magnetic alignment in an experience of completeness as your human self, connects with your Divinity.

Your God-given gifts reflect your natural self, the being you were created to be. You were blessed before you were even born so you can help create a place of Heaven on Earth. You are meant to fulfill a higher purpose in life and your Divinity, is the whole essence of beyond planted inside you as a path to follow- - that is the call.

Listen deeply, Your Soul is Calling:

- What stands out, what is different and unique about you?

- Are you sensitive and have the gift of intuition?

- Are you creative and have a natural writing ability, song or dance?

- Perhaps, your words carry healing messages, direction and encouragement.

- Maybe you are filled with wisdom and presence and bring a sense of calm and peace to those around you, becoming the safe haven for suffering.

Take a moment and witness the natural abilities you have, tune in. Listen to what other’s may say when they see your light shine. You alone have the power to be great in who you are. You have a Divine plan to follow today, listen deeply.


Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health & Wellness Coach

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