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‘Tis The Season Of Heart

February can be quite a magical time of year. We get a chance to hold the spirit of love, be in the presence of connection, and feel the tenderness of our hearts. We get to witness in another’s eyes truly what it means to be of the soul and purity of heart intention.

‘Tis the season of heart when we are encouraged to step into a place of unity, togetherness, and love. It’s the beginning of a new year that pulses with hopes and dreams and the essence of giving and receiving. Thoughts of romance fill our days with mystery and excitement, awaiting the warmth and gesture of special thoughts headed our way. Thoughts of affection swirl and fill the atmosphere with fond memories of familiarity and present moments of closeness and caring. Flowers, candy, gifts, balloons, we celebrate love and the time shared together, acknowledging how very precious another’s presence in your life is. Valentine’s Day represents a profound statement of sweetness, an extension of vulnerability, and the recognition of the one that embraces your vulnerability in a safe way. Sometimes, that one person is not another but yourself, maybe a special animal or another that was once held near and dear. The theme is love and the focus is an overall heart experience.

The heart symbolizes life, love, and the engagement in partnership. The heart never leads alone… It never beats alone… One pulse follows the other in the direction of union. A sense of union requires partnership. We learn to connect and re-connect through the heart-experience and given an opportunity to feel magic. The season of heart reminds us that in order to create a spark, we cannot go at it alone. We simply relate and create in a blended continuum of wholeness. The heart does not beat alone… It does not lead alone… One pulse follows the other in complete unification.

Feel your heart…

Follow your heart…

Be inside your heart, your very own place to rest soulfully in the wonder and awe, completely disarmed, safe and secure in the natural state of being. Be comforted in the space given in which to surrender, to lay down, calm and cradled in unconditional love. May the season of heart touch you and fulfill you, not just on Valentine’s Day but every single day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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