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Divine Balance

I started to think a few days ago about the fact that we are all Divine Beings hiding and living beneath our outer body structure. From there I wondered, so if that was true, why were we, as humans, not entirely balanced in our day-to-day choices. Why do we seek other opinions and not listen to what we feel is inherently correct? Why do we react and respond to negative influences instead of seeking peaceful resolutions? Is it because we use our logic instead of letting our true spirit guide the way? How could we all find a Divine Balance, a sort of homeostasis if you will, that is reflective of our true Divine Spiritual Nature? With these questions asked, I came across a blog that puts this idea in perfect perspective and I thought we should all stop and listen to the insightful words of Jennifer Circosta, Emotional Wellbeing Coach, and Tiny Poet: You cannot live in your personal balance until you begin to investigate and distinguish between the two opposite sides that run alongside it. Some call this adventure, living in extremes or swinging the pendulum between feast and famine. Put more simply, it is an act of getting to know your limits to understand your center. In your exploration of this unique and Divine thread of personal existence, you must stay close to your spirit, reaching out beyond yourself only creates small fractures to the whole. Your inner balance, that seamless central stream of being has nothing to do with people, places and things outside yourself. Yet, most people will offer their opinions, criticisms, guidance, knowledge and personal experience based in their own understanding of themselves but not necessarily in their understanding of you. It’s all within their personal structure and point of balance and oftentimes, this is where confusion sets in. The distinct lines that define your personal parameters get blurred and without that strong knowing of inner self, you can get lost between the seams. You begin to second guess what’s true for you and sadly, mistrust yourself, your knowledge and everything you personally learned by experience. As a result, your inner barometer is misused, you feel misplaced and at a great loss of calm and inner stability. Personal balance moves and fluctuates within you; therefore, only you can discover it. You cannot find it outside yourself, you must go into the inner subtleties to understand. You must form a relationship with the soul in order to discern. You must be patient and wait for your inner wisdom to enlighten you, to move you forward strong and balanced. When you do this, when you listen to your own spirit guiding you, teaching you through both sides of your center, your state of balance becomes Divine Balance. Discovery Exercise: Practice shifting your gaze from the external to internal. When you find yourself being challenged in any framework, rather than seeking the opinions and advice of others, practice sitting with your energy to seek your own counsel. When you don’t know what to do… do nothing. Be patient and have courage, wait on your spirit. When anxieties come up, breathe deeper. Remind yourself that you trust your path and you trust yourself and you are willing to allow your next steps to reveal themselves naturally and organically. Practice working with your own knowledge, inner guidance and personal experiences. Trust them explicitly so that you can truly begin to live your life in Divine Balance.

Listen to Your Inner Spirit!

It will bring you a lifetime of Peace and Divine Balance.

~ Fran Cosentino, AFSI Bursar/Registrar

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