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Online Workshop Course Numbers & Names
#001    Sacred Psychology The Foundations of Spiritual
            Counseling  by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

#002    All Faiths Wisdom in the Midst of Chaos
             by The Rev. Br. Mark Gregory D’Alessio

#003    Byzantium Eastern Christian Iconography
             by Rabbi Frank Tamburello

#004   Hypnosis Overview Workshop
            by Rev. Janice Matturro 

#005   Living The Four Agreements 

            by Rev. Michele Laub, MS

#006   Prosperity Now! by Rev. John Frederick

#007   The Light & Joy of Rabbi Gelberman’s Teachings
             by Rev. Bill McBride & Irene Failenbogen

#008    Judaism and New Thought
             by Rabbi Frank Tamburello

#009   Intro To Psalm Study
            by Rev. Stephen Dym

#010    Psychological Care in the Pandemic
              by Rev. Elena Verigo

#011     Neurodiversity and Religion
             by Maskil Dr. David Cycleback 

#012    The Nature and Limits of Human Knowledge
             by Maskil Dr. David Cycleback 

#013     Sacred Journeys - Shamanism/Medicine Wheel
             by Rabbi Jenny Steinberg Kuvin, JD CHT

#014     Shamanic Dream Wheel
             by Rev. Janice Matturro

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