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You Were Born to Flourish!

You were born to flourish, to grow in healthy, productive ways, most notably when the environment is in your favor. However, we all can lose sight of the innate ability to thrive when outside circumstances change or when faced with crisis. When disaster strikes, it’s sudden and we find ourselves face to face with unforeseen struggles that seemingly take away our sense of security and power. We forget we are equipped with everything we need and that we have an internal reservoir of strength and courage to help us stay strong and steady.

It’s not an easy task to remain calm, centered, and steadfast amidst uncertainty. Some may be consumed with intense emotions like anxiety and panic. Some may be weighed down with thoughts of doom and despair and others, some variation of both. It’s times like these that put our faith to the test and we find ourselves reaching out in desperate need for guidance, direction, and seeking some form of resolution — a resurrection of circumstance. A rising up from the trials and tribulations presented before us so that we may step into the full potential of who we can become within it. Now more than ever the crisis experience becomes a signal, a universal broadcast, to stop seeking outside of yourself but to focus your power within.

Here Are 8 Steps to Renew Your Path:


​Accept who you are and find the strength of encouragement within you to be proud of it every day. Don’t lose sight of yourself or neglect how far you’ve come. Remember you are resilient. You’ve moved through incredible events before and you’ll do it again and again. It’s part of the natural cycle of experience and what it means to be in motion, an active participant in your life, giving you a chance to put into practice what you’ve learne