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You Were Born to Flourish!

You were born to flourish, to grow in healthy, productive ways, most notably when the environment is in your favor. However, we all can lose sight of the innate ability to thrive when outside circumstances change or when faced with crisis. When disaster strikes, it’s sudden and we find ourselves face to face with unforeseen struggles that seemingly take away our sense of security and power. We forget we are equipped with everything we need and that we have an internal reservoir of strength and courage to help us stay strong and steady.

It’s not an easy task to remain calm, centered, and steadfast amidst uncertainty. Some may be consumed with intense emotions like anxiety and panic. Some may be weighed down with thoughts of doom and despair and others, some variation of both. It’s times like these that put our faith to the test and we find ourselves reaching out in desperate need for guidance, direction, and seeking some form of resolution — a resurrection of circumstance. A rising up from the trials and tribulations presented before us so that we may step into the full potential of who we can become within it. Now more than ever the crisis experience becomes a signal, a universal broadcast, to stop seeking outside of yourself but to focus your power within.

Here Are 8 Steps to Renew Your Path:


​Accept who you are and find the strength of encouragement within you to be proud of it every day. Don’t lose sight of yourself or neglect how far you’ve come. Remember you are resilient. You’ve moved through incredible events before and you’ll do it again and again. It’s part of the natural cycle of experience and what it means to be in motion, an active participant in your life, giving you a chance to put into practice what you’ve learned. Remember, life never stops as long as you’re living, so focus on what’s alive inside you now. Don’t try to be who you were or do what you did because change waits for no one and it’s up to you to tap into those ever-changing, personal and perfect nuances. Embrace who you are, let your special gifts motivate you and take the time to identify your strengths so you can use them to be of service to others.


In this world of heightened technology, it’s easy to compare your life to another’s on display and allow it to be a measurement of worth or contribution to the whole. It’s so important to stand firm on your own ground and do what you do. Remind yourself about the things you want to do, not what you think you should do or find yourself trying to measure up to. Give yourself time to find yourself amidst the chaos and remember your path has purpose, paved specifically for you. Here is where your creative genius can shine! You can use your inner and outer struggles as points of reference for personal transformation and change. Allow the metamorphosis, give into it and walk your path proud. Don’t let this every-changing world, change you. You don’t have to follow the leader, be the leader. Stay in your lane. If you’re a teacher, teach. If you’re a writer, write. If you’re a nurturer, then care deeply for others in your own personal way. If you’re confused or unsure about your path, at a crossroad in life having to choose between the blue door or the red door, then ask yourself what color you like first and then walk through that door. Every step you take defines your path. Let it be about you.


Don’t expect expectations to elevate you. Expectations only lead to disappointments. It’s important to “Expect to Be Present”! Go with the flow and lead with gratitude for all you are and all the things you’ve gained in the process. One thing you can count on, is gratitude will elevate you! Learn to welcome yourself into a new day, every day! Appreciate every aspect of your complete self and have at the ready what’s important to you because that’s something tangible you can build on, every day. Also, be aware of preconceived ideas. Give yourself the luxury of clearing the slate, starting fresh with an open mind. Remember, flourishing is a multi-dimensional construct that serves you in the moment and is made up of several important aspects. Your ability to flourish in life is never a product of one idea. Discover and dig deeper, look for all the life and love components that make up your whole experience.


Don’t forget to connect with what’s important to you and realize at certain points in life, it may vary or change. Make it a priority to go back to what’s important to you and then make the necessary adjustments that align with your current situation. Allow yourself to move away from old ways of being and take the time to move into what’s important to you, now. This will guide your sense of purpose and feed into those things that liven your soul. Give yourself the grace to appreciate the new parts of yourself and value the time given to become them. Ask questions, be inquisitive and give yourself options. When you give yourself choice, you create a platform for abundance. Ask yourself, in what ways do you want to grow your soul next? What are you curious about, want to explore, experience and learn now? What weighs you down and what lifts you up? What do you have to do to make your life more of what you want it to be?


​Don’t forget you are the motivator and manifestor of your life. There is nobody else living your life and that makes it personal. You have all the power you need to achieve whatever you want. You got this far, moving through every up and down and you made it! That’s proof of your power, purpose, and a very personalized path. Believe in your capabilities, in where you’ve come from and how you got to where you are now. Tap into that knowledge. Don’t toss it aside as a negative or failure but use it wisely. Your experience’s good bad or indifferent, give you a broader picture, a stronger skill set, and place to begin anew. When you can acknowledge your strengths, special gifts, and abilities, you will begin to understand what it means to trust and when you can trust yourself you will believe in your path and your purpose.


​​​Your personal boundaries need your protection; it’s an essential element in sustaining the self. It is especially true during crisis. Boundaries define your world on your terms. keeping you healthy and strong. If you allow yourself to open to anything and everything, you’ll lose track of yourself. You can be vulnerable to others’ ideas, thoughts or lifestyles that don’t serve your highest and greatest potentials. Boundaries allow you to be well-protected inside–they protect your power. They nurture and define what’s important to you and keep your sights on the people, places, and things that magnify your desires. Be mindful of how you feel when watching the news or reading the paper. Be mindful of how family members and significant others affect you and make sure you set a personal standard. Your boundaries become the parameters around your personal sense of comfort and ease. It’s up to you to protect that state of being and care enough about yourself to concentrate on what’s best for you. Boundaries keep your eyes on the prize! Keep them strong.


Meet yourself where you’re at and allow yourself to be fully engaged in the process. Remember, the only way you can move toward your future is to take a step forward and that can only happen from where you are today. Take notice of what’s around and inside you and take part in those precious moments within your blessings. Observe your thoughts, emotions, sensations, connect with your breath, your partner, your heart. Don’t forget about your heart in all this, it’s your life line toward what you love. Follow those prompts and pangs and chew slowly. Allow yourself to digest, assimilate, use the energy as fuel, keep what’s working and let go, eliminate the rest. Move consciously, breathe deeper, stretch yourself, find yourself, liberate yourself, expand yourself and be present within the living, breathing, wholeness of your renewed being.


You always have a choice. And when you make a decision, you ignite your power. This power is your creative force, the action behind what you need to propel yourself forward. It’s like striking a match and watching the burn. Choose to be on fire. Choose to act on those things that make you happy so you can feel the impact it has on you and your life. It’s not just a choice, it’s your choice. Choose to be happy. Choose to connect with each and every moment, as it comes. Then open yourself to the vastness of your own personal fulfillment.

~Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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