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We Work Toward Wholeness by Knowing the Truth

We sometimes hear the phrase, “I hate to break it to you…” because the truth hurts. It can yield an undeniable power that interrupts a false belief and stop an illusion dead in its tracks. It inhibits falsehoods, and course corrects internal stories or personal narratives bringing to light a new understanding. The truth changes perspective like lightening stuns the ground, highlighting the present moment with a newfound clarity. It is a Divine force to be reckoned with in action and builds momentum until completion. It doesn’t apologize for itself and can break-through the walls of the personality, revealing the breakthrough we often seek. The truth is, we are all divinely fractured in one way or another, that’s the beauty of being human. As human beings, we are meant to build toward the understanding of wholeness by embracing the truth of our spirit-self to manifest it through the physical experience. We sometimes think it’s human nature to strive toward something greater. The truth is, it’s the spirit inside that recognizes misalignments and moves you toward your whole-self and the human nature, just comes along for the ride. The experience of brokenness conects us to our desire to be whole. Underneath those fractured parts is your truth, the reality of your purpose, and the path toward your unique journey into a complete being or enlightened soul. The truth is electric! It shatters the system for us to wake us up, to see the light. The truth is strong in conviction, it removes the propensity to hold on to things with no purpose and obliterates old paradigms that hold us back. There is great intention for the break-through, those moments of brokenness. It highlights our authentic, soul-self, bringing into focus that we must serve ourselves well first. As we work toward our own wholeness, we can be of better service to the world. We work toward wholeness to know the truth of who we are. ~ Jennifer Circosta is our AFSI Blogger. She is a Health & Wellness Coach and Practitioner. Go to her website for her list of services.

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