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Tuning Into The Frequency Of You!

When we think about tuning into the frequency of who we are, sometimes we relate it solely to energy. Frequency and energy are not the same things but they are related. Energy generates light and frequency determines the strength or weakness of that light. Frequency is the feedback given by energy and tuning in, aligns your consciousness with the quality of light or (God energy) inside you.

The Bibles speaks powerful words of wisdom. It connotes in many places: Love Frequency is God Energy

Proper positioning into the light or energy of your being, helps you see clearly. You are present and powerful in the knowledge of what’s right for you. This is where tuning in to the God energy becomes such an important focus of practice, because it helps you discern the best way to tend to and care for your energy. When you’re in the proper alignment, you can access a defined path to inner wisdom and purposeful care. I use my yoga practice as a focal point of understanding for this concept. Sometimes, I’ll tune into my frequency and come to understand I might need a slower, more meditative practice because my God energy feels overloaded and is not properly grounded. Other times, I may tune in and realize I need to engage a more active practice to generate more energy and strengthen my inner light. Then there are times, I tune in and I just need to breath and re-harmonize my frequency to regain some God energy refreshment and renewal. Tuning in to God energy helps us quickly recover, maintain balanced energy and a sense of wholeness. The frequency of our inner light, our God energy gives us feedback and a personal guide to inner illumination and soul magnification.

Position yourself for a breakthrough, tune into your frequency and keep your inner eye open and available to the adjustments needed to keep your God energy strong.

Discovery Exercise: Where in your life can you use this concept as a focal point for personal practice?

Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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