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When the experience of anxiety is present, we are not. Anxiety causes energy to be “outside” the self which can cause thoughts to look too far ahead, projecting images of past experiences, moving us further away from what is reality. These kinds of thoughts can perpetuate emotions that confuse, terrify, and knock us off center. Our central power shifts from the core of our bodies and our energy is no longer concentrated inside, severely compromising a sense of peace. When peace is gone, we can’t trust in the self. To trust ourselves, our path to and in God, gives us a place of safety inside the self with an unrestricted calm. When we move from inside a place of complete trust, we create a sense of inner stability and can anchor in what’s in front of us right now. The gift in the experience of anxiety can remind us to tune in to something greater than just the run-away thoughts. It teaches us to reel ourselves back in, to gather at the core and connect with our values that we can trust. You know more than you think you do. Each time we trust our instincts, intuitive pulls and prompts, we bring more positive and strengthening energy to the core; thereby, centering the self in the things we can trust. By trusting in who we are, we actively create a new way of responding. We honor who we are and who we were created to be. Isn't it about time we do just that? Love, Jennifer Jennifer Circosta is our AFSI Blogger, Public Relations Assistant and Emotional Wellness Coach. She is the Owner of GENTLE TOUCH HEALING 💜 Healing through Compassion. She can be reached at:

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