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The Struggle Mindset

A struggle mindset means we often approach life from the perspective of having to overcome hassles and burdens and think we have to overcome them alone. With this kind of mindset, it’s common to feel shame around asking for help or blaming ourselves for not “having it altogether.” There is a tendency to only focus on the struggles vs. the easier path; or, we may overlook and completely neglect how far we’ve come because we're so busy fighting fires.

This constant survival response provokes a pattern of "over-efforting" and can trigger an underlying need to prove that we can manage, cope, and be resilient. But the reality is we’re tired, exhausted, and have had enough. This vicious cycle can exclude us from what we really need in times of struggle, emotional nourishment like support, comfort, and giving ourselves permission to let go and surrender.

Be kind to yourself. You’re okay. You’ve done enough. You are enough. And when you allow yourself to surrender, you will claim your right to receive what is naturally yours, effortlessly.



Jennifer Circosta is our AFSI Blogger, Public Relations Assistant and Emotional Wellness Coach. She is the Owner of GENTLE TOUCH HEALING 💜

Healing through Compassion. She can be reached at:

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