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THE SPIRIT OF DIVINE ALIGNMENT The Return to Your Natural Rhythms and Flow

The spirit of Divine Alignment is a natural rhythm moving inside the ebb and flow of each moment. When you can identify these beautiful beats of inner acknowledgement and become more familiar with the flow of your truth, you can discern what’s truly best for you. Stepping into this form of right action, establishes a place of personal power that highlights your highest potentials with a gentle support toward what’s right for you in the most authentic way. I often wonder why being gentle with the self can be a source of great resistance. How the neglect of emotional needs has become a source of comfort in which, "where you are and where you want to be" can be so threatening to the overall value of growth. At what point do you embrace the natural flow and rhythms of your personal truth and fully embody your authentic self?

When you don’t seek your natural rhythms first, you stop the inner current of wisdom binding easily, to the downward spirals of the relentless, “I should.” The inner dialogue that sounds like, (I want to do this, but I should do that. I need this but I should settle for that. I feel this, but I should feel that…) and conjures up versions of the self that are defined by others. Thus, creating a lens viewed through perceived expectations, distorted beliefs, and realized/unrealized traumas. “I should” statements can be vague and slippery versions of reality. (You should all over yourself and lose sight of what you need. You should all over yourself and compromise what you value. You should all over yourself and what’s most important becomes insignificant.) "I should" statements moves you further away from what’s right and true for you thereby, depleting your energy and sense of personal power.

The truth lives inside you. It flows with subtle communications in support of your health and well-being. The truth’s gentle rhythms guide you toward the direction of a more balanced energy and a sense of renewed power. What you think you “should do” in one moment, will “feel right” in the next. When you observe statement's like, “I should” you can notice it often present's a dilemma between two opposing thoughts yet, inside the opposition there's always a choice. There is no indecision or lack of motivation in the natural rhythm and flow of Divine Alignment. Your body understands more of what you need in the truth of the moment than your mind likes to think about what you should do. The choice is clear, even if the mind doesn’t accept what’s true. Choosing Divine Alignment is a much stronger foundation to rest on.


The Return to Natural Rhythms and Flow

Love, Jennifer

Inner-Beauty Blog The Spirit of Divine Alignment: The Return to Your Natural Rhythms and Flow Tiny Poet, 07.18..2022 Emotional Wellness Coaching

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