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When something is Sacred it means there is a relationship of great reverence and devotion in connection with the essence of God. When you connect with the self as Sacred, you are devoted to building that relationship with the important and highly valued qualities of God within yourself. ​When you treat the self as Sacred, you welcome the imprint of God on your soul into the waking experience of life. You are conscious and operating at a high level of awareness, insight, and wisdom. Those Godlike qualities (love, forgiveness, kindness, service, charity... etc.) become alive in action as you let go or shed human experience and expand your spiritual nature into humanity. You become the example of God made manifest.


Reconnecting with the Sacred Self does not mean "over-working" and/or doing more. Sacred Self-Care is not the actions of "self-care." It is not "to do" for the self but to "BE" the self, vibrating in its highest qualities without waver. In this way, you are not tending to just the body, mind, or emotional parts of you. You are nurturing the self at the level of soul, the relationship with the essence of God that resides inside you. You are cherishing the depths of who you are in that Sacred, spiritual space, fully self-aware and awake. You are honoring the importance of that connection in understanding how to thrive. You are valuing the self as a spiritual spark in the world of humanity, making your mark, by embodying your God-like qualities as an example in-being. These are Sacred acts of consciousness that require a welcoming in, to receive yourself with regard, acceptance, and celebration of ALL parts of you in the most loving, steadfast, and continually refreshing way. Sacred self-care is a re-birthing process that innovates the experience of ascension. You grow into who you were created to be, firm in the knowledge of who you are, shedding the human experience as you move closer to God and further away from the things of this world that can hold you back.



Get to know yourself deeply. Spend quality time forming an inner relationship and self-bond. Discover your qualities, identify, define and refine them. Make your values #1 priority, stick with them, seek them out in others, and hold your qualities in high esteem. Learn to meet your own needs and take good care of yourself.

FORTIFY Fortify means to strengthen. You protect and maintain your God-like qualities through boundaries; personal, relational, familial, and professional. Do not compromise your qualities/values. Do not make excuses for others. Do not make excuses for yourself. Do not downplay your power. Set your limits, stay within those limits, and strengthen your soul.

RENEW Soul renewal happens when you nourish and fortify yourself on a regular, sometimes daily basis. This is about embrace your Authentic Self. Being who you are. Loving and accepting yourself as you know yourself to be and using your experiences as a platform for growth. Leap into yourself and enjoy the full value of you in loving creation.



The Sacred Self & Sacred-Self Care, Tiny Poet, 8.23.2022

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