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Acceptance and Surrender go hand in hand. You cannot receive yourself or your life fully if you’re holding onto some part of your past. To surrender means you give permission to experience yourself and life as it is, in the present and you are willing to begin building steadily from there.

The art of acceptance allows you to discover your genuine self and relate to this natural part of you, with a sense of compassion. It supports the recognition of what is true for you, in the moment and offers an opportunity to embrace what is there with an open heart. It also helps to remember that none of us are broken or need fixing, at any time or any moment. When you allow yourself to embrace what is, all that is, in the way that it is, any pieces or pain mends and wholeness is instantly restored. Understand that it’s self-punishment that hurts, but we are inherently whole. It’s an innate and valuable desire to want to understand and be understood. The power in that is the potential for Grace. When you understand the role of attachment, you’ll see that holding on binds you to the past experiences and traps you in a skewed perception of reality.

Allow yourself to let go…

The past gives you the material and tools to re-create and re-connect with what’s most important for the Soul experience. Flip the script and write a new story, put your Principles, Passions and Purpose into practice. There’s power in conscious choice. Choose to surrender rather than suffer through. Choose to clear the slate in the present of your presence. Choose to appreciate even moments of disappointment because they define your personal path to joy. Do not repeat the past in your mind or your heart. Be curious about what’s in front of you now. Choose to embrace change, even if it doesn’t look like what you expected. The unexpected can often be a great and wonderful surprise. When you choose acceptance, you receive peace.

ACCEPTANCE Means you are willing to receive-

Love, Jennifer

Jennifer Circosta is our AFSI Blogger, Public Relations Assistant and Emotional Wellness Coach. She is the Owner of GENTLE TOUCH HEALING 💜 Healing through Compassion. She can be reached at:

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