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The Anatomy of Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection is not about putting one source of energy into another – whether it be a person, place or thing. It is a much deeper experience than just a simple exchange. Connecting spiritually is an honest, tangible sense in feeling the internal thread of action move right through the essence of your being and plugging it into the deepest values by which you live by. In other words, spiritual connection is a conscious awareness of your natural state in being. It is your most beautiful and powerful form, the pure and unconditional part of you that is unchangeable and ever-lasting. It is the blueprint and example part of you that is clear, without conditioned responses, dysfunctional patterns, learned behaviors or triggers. It is the direct line of action we tune into regularly that includes the awareness of our emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. We do our best to honor our needs by attuning to the frequency of which they may express. This, in part, is intuitive by virtue of connection but when you spiritually connect, you’re actively joining with that intuitive information by moving into a heightened state of being or what is called your authentic self.

Your needs correspond with your personal values; things, concepts and ideas you consider to be good, important, and valuable in making your life better. Your values can be things like honesty, companionship, success, generosity, reliability and security. When you’re clear about what you value at any given time, you demolish any confusion or indecision and instantly align with an inner sensation of certainty or enlightenment – the light of the mind in a state of being. You are turned on, you know what you want, what you deserve, and you are clear when the things you hold most important to you are in front of you. Manifestation is proof of spiritual connection and that internal alignment, that direct line of action helps you know what fulfillment feels like. Having a basic understanding of what matters to you is a valuable exercise. It’s a supportive action to reflect on the things that are important and matter to you most. Doing this will help you make thoughtful decisions about your life, in specific situations and toward longer-term life decisions.

When you live life spiritually connected, you value your time and use it wisely. You give of yourself to meaningful activities and social relationships that reflect the same. You are clear on what matters to you, with a strong internal compass that alerts you when you’re getting off track. You check in with yourself frequently to address any unmet needs or unresolved issues. You are honest with yourself and others. You feel the warmth of inner fulfillment moving through you because you are tending to your deepest needs in a true and honest, soulful way. This continuous stream of vital energy, stimulates an avenue of refined nourishment. You are present in both your humanness and fully vested in your spiritual self. The internal exchange roots, grounds, and balances your personal beliefs with an overall sense of purpose. In this kind of connection, you can taste the strength of your power in the complete being-ness of your honest self. This is the meaning of spiritual connection

Do You Have A Spiritual Connenction?

Define Your Values!

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Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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