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“Thou Shalt Have Purpose” ~ Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

Since it’s the beginning of the school year for All Faith Seminary International, I thought it best to give you a little bit about the man who founded the school n 1999 in partnership with prominent clergy from several faiths and traditions, along with what you can do with an Interfaith Ministry degree.

Rebbe Gelbermann, as he was affectionately called by his students and friends, was a pioneer in bridging understanding between people of different religions and spiritual paths, emphasizing that they have more in common than being different and advocating that all humankind see each other as brothers and sisters.

Because of his belief that we should have purpose in our lives, AFSI strives to bring that spiritual purpose to fruition all the while continuously honoring the the man and his 11th Commandment — “Thou Shalt Have Purpose”. As an interfaith Minister, you have the advantage of flexibility with your ministerial degree. You will be qualified to serve a larger community of varying faiths. Rabbi Joseph Gelberman taught Interfaith Ministers to go deeper into the faith of their choice or faiths they are drawn to, so that they can continue to study, serve and teach these areas of interest in their community.