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Elephants represent many things. They are beautiful symbols of luck, prosperity, and the strength to endure. They are caring, intelligent, and deeply compassionate beings that give an air of presence and ground. You can't push an elephant around. However, what's deeply special about elephant is that although, they have a strong and sturdy presence they are gentle, kind, and graceful with their power. Perhaps wisdom has taught them well, as they teach their children down the same line. Elephant represents family, tribe, protection, and inner power. There is so much to learn and receive from elephant with just a few highlighted below.

~ BE AWARE OF YOUR OWN POWER Recognize your own strength and power and take charge of it. Know that you have the power to create anything you want, at any time. The ability to create is inherent to your being and the gift of Divinity. Being who you are will help you know the strength of your power.

~ STABILITY Deeply connect with the earth, the land, the ground. Feel your feet deeply rooted and the weight of every step you take. Seek your steady progress over time. Inner stability comes from knowing you have what it takes to move forward with confidence in the power of your presence.

~ WISDOM Embrace what you know through experience. Wisdom gives you understanding of how to live in the world and what is needed to live a balanced life that's personal to you and your needs. Being true to yourself is the best path to take.

~ INTUITION A gentle and sensitive nature allows you to feel your body in its full expression. Here, you can value your thoughts especially when they come from a deeper place within you. Being kind and gentle with yourself gives you a place of ease. Tune in and receive what’s happening around and inside you.

~ PROTECTION Protect yourself by standing your ground in what you know is best for you, without wavering. Sense for harmony in all things. This is how you stay safe and balanced.

~ NURTURING Be more aware of your nurturing instincts and those of others. Take care of yourself by respecting what you need, what your personal limits are, and do so, in loving ways. In the natural expression of maternal love and compassion, you can be the healing impact of love for yourself and others as well, a source of deep care in action.

~ SLOWING DOWN It’s okay to slow down. Honor your own pace and take your time with people, places, and things. Breathe in extra space and receive what’s there, what's yours, before you “try” to fill it with stuff that may not actually be needed, desired or truly fulfilling.

~ SENSITIVITY Being sensitive is a spiritual gift that taps deeply into your surroundings. Pay attention and feel your way through. Accessing a place of sensitivity supports your ability to be more authentic, open, and honest, to what is present in the moment.

~ LOVE, Jennifer Self-Healing is Self-Aligning, 4.29.2023

Jennifer Circosta is our AFSI Blogger, Public Relations Assistant and Emotional Wellness Coach. She is the Owner of GENTLE TOUCH HEALING 💜 Healing through Compassion. She can be reached at:

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