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Principles, Passion, and Purpose: Your Strength Is In Your Roots

One day a thought struck me into a new awakening and I heard, “I can relax into healing…” Notice the dialogue is I and not You. It showed me the I, inside my being, understood something new–that I can relax into healing. It was a revelation! It never occurred to me to relax but even more striking was that I could choose to relax into the full expression of my unique unfoldment, within my own personal healing experience. In that moment, the idea of healing became a very real and very intimate connection. I instantly felt a sense of relief and a full body freedom alive inside me, one that I never knew before. I felt energized to realize it’s okay to relax, to take a break, to walk away for a minute, to even fall back a few steps. It allows the self to relate and to integrate into the new level of energy and information that is naturally produced in the process. The thought revealed that healing is not a method of dragging the self through some grueling, never-ending process but that the progression of healing has no limit or specific end point. It’s a system of evolution, a continuum of defining and re-fining into a complete state of understanding.

Relax into healing…

Allow yourself to be where you are and to be okay with it because everything you’ve learned and applied to this point has new meaning for you and can be used to feed into the overall intention in a nourishing way. When you surrender to wherever you are in the process, you continue to build on top of that and more specifically, in a state of nourishment which ultimately is the root of healing. The often, self-imposed inner dialogue from mental constructs and attachments only flood the system with pressures, strains, anxieties, and tension. The sense of urgency beats against the body in the thoughts of trying to “get rid of” or the feelings of frustration with time invested. The sudden brow beating associated with perceived setbacks can only become re-traumatizing. Therefore, there must be a whole system-shift that compliments the healing process more than the dysfunction or perceived lack. A shift that focuses more on the reconstruction of new growth attained, along with a recognition of just how far you’ve come, and how easily you can bounce back. You never lose what you gain.Healing is meant to be a respite not a means to an end. Allow the process to penetrate you fully. Become the witness to the integration of new information that is yours to fold into your unfoldment, in your own way, in your own time, and in the way you choose. Open yourself to the repair and restoration of healing without resistance, because those few steps back are often the most important. That’s when you get to choose to embrace everything you’ve learned and decide to draw strength from your new roots moving you forward from a restored foundation. Let go of the torment in measuring your progress or position of where you think you should be and shift back into alignment with the inner-construction that has been evolving inside you all along. You are meant to relax into healing not struggle through it. You are meant to practice letting go, not holding yourself back. You are meant to trust that you will remember what you’ve learned, that you will apply it when you’re ready, even if it takes a few tries to stick. The entire process of healing is your record of evolution. You are meant to be a witness because it’s your personal book of healing and the guidelines for every step you take in your journey. You will see how powerful you are. You will feel encouraged to keep going. You will understand that you are the continuum of what it means to be whole. Relax into healing…

Relax deeply and heal!

Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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