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Motivation by Inspiration

A new year has begun for us. I always asked myself and wondered what makes New Year’s Day so special? It seems it has become somewhat of a tradition to lament over the year passed as we try to cleanse our experience from it. We race against time to try to be better than what we perceived ourselves to be before; yet, we neglect to remember the courage and strength that got us to this point to begin with. Why do we choose to view a whole year gone by as an enemy rather than our ally? And, what if we decided to claim the greater experience and learning potentials that got us to the beginning of this year? What if New Year’s Day became a conscious reflective point in time to review all of our efforts and progress thus far? Then we would not just be celebrating a new year but we would be rejoicing, integrating and confirming our greatness. Now that certainly would make the new year very special, indeed!

A conscious interaction with everyday life as an ally is a way to generate pure and positive energy for yourself and for those things most important to you. The definition of ally is: “to combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit. It is to merge, join or fuse.” Isn’t that what we do with our life anyway? We merge with the interactions of life and our life becomes a source of personal energy affecting each day we live. Each day presents a new opportunity to reinstate new action, new behaviors, new thoughts and responses. To be conscious of this is a true gift or the “newness” we seek at the beginning of each year. Why not make that awareness potent every day?

It became clear to me that everyday life is a resource, and the most valuable commodity in the world is time. So, perhaps New Year’s Day can be a celebration in how we utilized our precious time and inner life resources to consciously move us ahead.