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Life As An Interfaith Minister

The Dean and our Advisors are working diligently to introduce strong spiritual concepts to our students in the hopes that it will bring a different awareness and perspective to their individual situations in life. We’re halfway through the school year and many questions are arising from our students as to what they can do with their new-found spiritual knowledge and the excitement is palpable!

So what do we do with our new-found spiritual knowledge? I thought it best to list once again the many ways we as future licensed Interfaith Minister/Spiritual Leaders can contribute to the world spiritually serving individuals from various faiths, creating a sense of “Oneness” in our divisive world.

You will be able to perform: private weddings, commitment ceremonies, funerals, baby namings/welcomings, memorial services, vow renewals, handfastings, adoption ceremonies, family unions, ship christenings, business and home blessings animal funerals and blessings. You can also participate in international interfaith associations, religious conferences, the World Parliament of Religions, Interfaith Seminaries, Ashrams, Retreat houses, Holistic Institutes, and the United Nations. You can work in hospitals or assist other pastors/ministers in their churches/temples and maybe even start your own church! You can also create podcasts or webinars on current interfaith topics or write articles, books, and blogs on various Inter-spiritual and Interfaith topics.