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Finding Your “Divine Anointed Purpose”

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve often been asked, “How do I know what my ministry in life is?” Well, for one thing, it is important to follow your Divine Guidance. Your “Spirit” knows what’s best for you and if you listen carefully, you will be shown the way. For instance, as part of the laity, my passion is assisting AFSI and the clergy to continue to perform successfully. I utilize my talents and special gifts to promote AFSI — that’s my “Divine Anointed Purpose.” However, once you realize that you want to utilize your special talents and gifts by becoming an Interfaith Minister, then you need education and ordination. So, the next important question would be: “Which Seminary is the right one for me?”

Making the decision on choosing the best Seminary to attend isn’t an easy one. We live in a country where we are blessed with many Seminaries and Schools of Christianity and Theology from which to choose. A critical part of your decision is knowing your path and which institution can best support you in preparing for your journey ahead. Compare our programs to other Seminaries. You will see that we offer only the best for our students.

If you are already an Interfaith Minister/Spiritual Leader or you desire to become one and you wish to serve all beings of our globally diverse world. If you also seek to serve by honoring your personal faith by serving and honoring the faith traditions of all beings, then AFSI is the place to study! It is our hope that after reading our information, reading graduate testimonies, learning of our noted and recognized faculty and individual attention given by mentors along with comparable financing, AFSI will become your Seminary of Choice. Detailed information on programs offered is available on

Remember, there is nothing like feeling satisfied

in changing the world for the better!

~ Fran Cosentino, AFSI, Bursar/Registrar

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