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In a real sense, we are all God. We are the hands, the feet, the heart and the Mind of God.

~ Rabbi Gelberman

I didn’t know Rabbi Gelberman personally but I can see that his spirit soared and his love for humanity was strong. Imagine, taking in fully the meaning of his quote. Imagine the magnitude in servitude you might encounter.

Imagine… being the hands of God. That everything you touched was filled with love and healing energy; every handshake, every hug, every door you opened, every time you reached out for someone, for yourself, every time you placed your hands on anything, in any way, that your hands were God’s hands. How everything you touched, with the tip of your fingers or full-on open hand, was instantly healed. Now, take a moment and close your eyes, rest your hand on your heart now,


Imagine… every step you took created sacred ground. How deliberate your steps would be, how ever-present and filled with confidence your roots would be. How everywhere you walked, you would be the strong foundation upon which everything else was built upon. How you could stand in command of yourself and take in the energy, the vibration of earth on your inhale and on your exhale, give life and abundance back into the atmosphere. Into the wholeness of being.


Imagine… your heart is the heart of God. How every beat inside your chest reminded you of your miraculous magnificence. How every breath you took, was proof of your universal imprint and birthright. How everything you love, everything, is a reflection of how much you are loved, beyond time and space, person, place and thing. Imagine, how immense and whole you would be in being, that this world couldn’t possibly contain you. Imagine, for yourself this gift in heart that is yours now and forever, for eternity because you are eternal.


Imagine… You are the Mind of God. You are Infinite. You are Creator. You are Universal. You are Pure Energy. You are Above and Beyond. You are Sacred. You are Everything and Everything is You. You are Complete. You are that which I Am. I Am You.

We Are One And The Same! Imagine…

Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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