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Interfaith Ministry – A Pathway to the Divine

The month of February reminds us that Love is the only way. Of course, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of deep love two people show for each other. But if we take this concept to the next level and on a grander scale, then the month of February is a reminder that each and every one of us can and will experience God’s Love, by sharing our God given gifts with each other. Choosing an Interfaith ministry for yourself can help accomplish this.

I once read that Interfaith Ministry is a pathway to the Divine. By understanding the various spiritual paths and appreciating the unique contributions each spiritual path has made, we begin to realize that there are many paths to loving and serving God. Through Interfaith Ministry, we experience the Divine through each and every person we meet in our lifetime, showing tolerance, compassion and understanding in a troubled world. As an Interfaith Minister, we live in a consciousness of Oneness — one Mind and one Spirit recognizing that we are all living beings of the universe and are all of the same mind. In this realization we share ideas, talk with each other, live in harmony and live in peace with each other; yet, we follow our own individual path of choice embracing individuals harmoniously in their faith practices. This is the Interfaith Philosophy that AFSI embraces. This is the expression that AFSI Ministers embody and teach. This is the way of life of an AFSI Interfaith Minister. A recent graduate of All Faiths Seminary International said it best:

In our world there exists much that separates us: our fenced borders, our cultures, races, age, politics and our religions. AFSI founder and interfaith icon, Rabbi Joseph H. Celberman, believed that a greater understanding and knowledge of what separates us could only help bring us closer together.

~ Rev. Gary Deinstadt, AFSI Graduate If you are already an Interfaith Minister/Spiritual Leader or you desire to become one and you wish to serve all beings of our globally diverse world. If you also seek to serve by honoring your personal faith by serving and honoring the faith traditions of all beings, then AFSI is the place to study! It is our hope that after reading our information, reading graduate testimonies, learning of our noted and recognized faculty and individual attention given by mentors along with comparable financing, AFSI will become your Seminary of Choice. Detailed information on programs offered is available on

Remember, there is nothing like feeling satisfied

in changing the world for the better!

~ Fran Cosentino, AFSI Bursar/Registrar

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