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Don’t Hate – Meditate!

Hating is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. ~ Rabbi Gelberman

Such a powerful quote by Rabbi Gelberman! When the feeling of hate rises, it can be hasty and we may find ourselves lost in words not meant, actions made final, and in a total communication shut down. Feeling left behind somehow and steeped in the energetic ill-ness of emotional content, we may be unable to sort it all through in a healthy and productive way.

Meditation or allowing a moment to pause while observing thoughts, actions, and responses, gives you a chance to review the situation from all directions, intentions, and greater perspectives- The Bigger Picture. When you invite in the bigger picture you become a witness to the microscopic nuisances that exist in every situation. You encourage enlightenment or the light of the mind in a state of being.

The reference to “light,” meaning understanding and the reference to “being,” meaning honesty with yourself and others. Being truly authentic is to become a master of the truth in your own being. You no longer accept being swept by the whims of an unsteady interaction that escalates, unwittingly out of control leaving a path of destruction behind but more so, to understand, to be in truth, and a heart full of compassion. It is within your power to transform and lead by example.

– Meditate – Integrate – Celebrate –

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Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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