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Connect - Don't Compare

At times, the thought to compare the self to others becomes greater than connecting with the value of who you are. It can be confusing because many thoughts move in and out of the mind throughout the day. Some thoughts are great; and others can trigger wound beliefs that can change the active experience of ourselves. When the thought pattern, "I'm not good enough" comes to mind, it can awaken wounds around self-worth and inner value.

Self-worth is the opinion you have about yourself.

Self-value is more informative it's fueled by self-knowledge. It means, you feel a sense of worth because you know who you are. The experience of your intrinsic value has no other comparison. When you value the meaning and purpose of your worth, you don't settle. There is no question. You set a self-standard of respect, kindness, and overall goodness because you know it’s what you deserve.


1. Slow down and connect to your body If you get too far ahead of yourself you can't catch yourself. Slow down and re-connect. Get clear and anchor in the complete experience, not just what the wound belief triggered. 2. The people you compare yourself to are also comparing themselves to others This is a fact. We're all human. The people you think have it all together, are trying to figure it all out too. We all feel similar feelings and that knowledge helps soften judgements or feelings of jealousy with a greater compassion and understanding. 3. There is more right with you than wrong If you only focus on the flaws, you miss the beauty of the whole picture. Focus on progress rather than perfection. Keep your sights on what's important to you and gaze toward the things that are already working. 4. Your scars are your strength We tend to hide our past, try to avoid it, and sometimes, present ourselves to others in pretty little packages. You are unique. Take yourself in honestly and embrace your full value. You worked hard to move from where you were, to where you are now and you'll continue to keep going. I can guarantee, nobody has lived the same life as you. Appreciate your journey. 5. You only need your approval When you seek approval, you can easily be swayed or influenced. This leads to feelings of emptiness. The only person responsible for deciding what's worthwhile for you, is YOU. Say yes to you! When you approve of your own choices, you fuel your sense of worth and define what is deserving of your attention. 6. Speak to the wound belief in a reassuring way You can't hate your way into loving yourself. When you tell yourself you're not good enough it won’t make you any more successful. Self-love means you love yourself, regardless of who you are, where you came from and where you stand now, even if you know you want to change. Love yourself through.

Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger,, Health and Wellness Coach

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