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Celebrate Your Yin and Yang

As we just finished celebrating Mother’s Day, we travel right around the corner to Father’s Day, which yields the same sense of celebration and acknowledgement. Some people were graced with having a great experience in their relationship with either parent or with both. If this is the case, then a celebration of acknowledgment is in order. However, the key idea is not parent here, it’s relationship or to simply relate.

The question then is, what if there was no relationship experience with either the male or female figures in our lives? What if there were no reference to acknowledge or any experiences to celebrate, what then? Well, in that case, there would be a need to switch focus.

Life has proven to be a breeding ground of opposites. There are two sides to every story — two sides of a coin, two sides of our brain. Life gives us plenty to mull over, examine, and differentiate when it comes to the antithesis of a whole experience. There are familiar references we have all heard and become accustom to: male/female, right/wrong, yes/no, light/dark, good/bad, happy/sad.

In Taoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy, we can see this concept of opposition illustrated in the symbol of Yin/Yang. The symbol represents two halves that come together to complete a whole expression. It literally means th