Are You Ready to Live a Life as an Interfaith Minister?

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach. ~ Maya Angelou

Once a student realizes that they truly are going to become a legal, licensed Interfaith Minister, they often ask, “What Can I Do with My Interfaith Minister License?” Well, for one thing, you have to be ready to “Serve” your community. Once Interfaith becomes a part of who you are, you will understand that there are many paths to God and you will share that knowledge with everyone you meet. As a recognized “Spiritual Leader,” you will live and grow creating “Oneness” all the while bringing spiritual service to our divisive world. This can be done by serving others in informal encounters, as well as in formal ways performing life-cycle celebrations such as: weddings, commitment ceremonies, funerals, baby namings/welcomings, memorial services, vow renewals, handfastings, adoption ceremonies, family unions, ship christenings, home blessings, just to name a few. You may also perform ceremonies in a variety of non-traditional settings including: on a beach, in a park, by the ocean, in the mountains, on a ski slope, at a banquet hall or at an event center. You can work in hospitals as a Spiritual Care Coordinator or assist other pastors/ministers in their churches/temples -- maybe even start your own church. Although the list goes on, becoming a licensed Interfaith Minister assures that you will be part of changing the world for good, one person at a time! The real question is:

Are You Ready?

Jennifer Circosta, AFSI Blogger is on Vacation This Month

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