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Course # 005 - 
Living The Four Agreements
by Rev. Michele Laub, MS

October 12 & 26, 2022
9 PM - 10:30 PM (EST)
Canceled Until Further Notice
Image by Chris Montgomery

The Full Story

Description of Course: The Four Agreements, written by don Miguel Ruiz, provides a powerful code of conduct that transforms our lives to a new experience of freedom, sustained happiness and unconditional love. Based on the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs, The Four Agreements are:

1.     Be impeccable with your word

2.     Don't take anything personally

3.     Don't make assumptions

4.     Always do your best


When we integrate these new agreements into our lives, everything that creates needless suffering comes to the surface to be transformed. When we recover our authenticity, we change the message we deliver to ourselves, to everyone with whom we come in contact, and eventually change the world through living in harmony, peace and connection. At this fragile time in history, humankind living by this code of conduct transforms the trajectory of the human experience.

Students Will: Learn 3 simple ways to calm the drama in life without sacrificing sleep or peace of mind. Four clues to help you embrace the power of discernment to make smart decisions in alignment with your values and one glaring truth you must never ignore. The best techniques to find harmony with people who have beliefs very different from yours.


About the Presenter: Rev Michele Laub studied The Four Agreements with a group of 40 people for over 7 years, and she has been teaching as a certified facilitator for over 20 years. Not only has it transformed her life, but it has transformed the lives of thousands. Her mission is to support others to do the same through her teaching, and to guide others to integrate and live the Four Agreements with consistency. When we let go of drama and live authentically always doing our best, we change the world.

Books and Materials Required: The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz. The Glossary of the Master of Awareness, Transformation and Intent, compiled by Rev. Michele and delivered to your inbox when you sign up for the class.

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